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For many centuries the name Göbel has been known for inventive talent and quality made in Germany. In order to continue this tradition, I founded a specialist workshop for the highest-end loudspeakers and highest-end cables in 2003, with the demand to make perfect sound reproduction a true emotional experience without any compromises.

In order to meet this demand and guarantee the ultimate benchmark level of quality in all aspects, all components of our loudspeakers and cables are developed at our specialist workshop in Landshut and finished hand made as first class highest-end loudspeakers and cables - by a competent team, who identifies themselves by the philosophy of audiophile sound reproduction.

Of course, we also pay extreme attention to quality control. Every component has been meticulously selected and is thoroughly inspected before, while and after it becomes part of our products. All our products are handmade in Germany, with pride, maximum care and passioned skills. We make all of these efforts so every Göbel High End loudspeaker and every Göbel High End cable will let you experience the ultimate emotional musical performance, paired with unconditional reliability and minimum possible tolerances.

As we are very proud to have reached many milestones in audiophile sound reproduction by developing the world wide unique Göbel Carbon Excellence bending wave loudspeaker, we strongly advise you to experience our incredible products for yourself.

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Oliver Göbel

Founder & managing director
Göbel High End

There is only one way to identify a benchmark loudspeaker or a benchmark cable - by listening!